How To: Prepare For Third Year

This year I am starting my 3rd year of uni, and quite frankly that terrifies me, so I thought, mainly for my own sake, making a list of ways to make sure that I’m fully prepared for uni.

Summer to do list:

  1. Chill out, enjoy the fact that you don’t have that uni stress of second year anymore! If anyone who knows me knows that the summer I have focused on my mental health majorly because I had a major breakdown about uni and basically my entire life because a lot had changed for me very quickly. So focus on yo self for a while and get those self care days in!!
  2. Buy anything you need for 3rd year like stationery or homeware (unless you want to buy these once you get to uni, means moving less stuff in afterall making the overall move easier!)
  3. Know what your modules are asking from you, whether youll be doing essays, presentations or exams!
  4. Start to tackle that reading list! 3rd year is gonna give you a lot of books/articles to read and this can really help with your essays and your general understanding of the modules you are taking! Trust me when I say I feel better for it aready- but dont swamp yourself, do things little and often!
  5. Make sure you get motivated, I found watching study youtubers and pinterest helped me out a lot to get motivated ready for uni!

What to do at uni:

  1. Plan to succeed: channel that motivation and plan yourself time for you to work and solely focus.
  2. Establish your routine, especially after freshers (because lets be real, there is no point sorting your sleep schedule for it to be ruined by that 5 day bender we all know you will have)! So I do not have mnay contact hour this year so I know I will have to get a routine of getting up in the morning and getting on with work so I dont leave everything til the last minute.
  3. Make sure you still take time off thoughout the year and keep those chill days and nights out, we dont want you buring out by the end of October!!
  4. Don’t and I mean dont, leave everything to the last minute. I am very guilty of this bceause I start the project or essay when we get it and have a break from it for a while, net think I know its the night before its due and I’m very stressed. So shall be avoiding that this year!
  5. If you work better with friends and they work better too (gotta make sure it works both ways) then arrange study sessions once a week or so to keep each other on track.
  6. Find somewhere you know you can work and stay focused, I know for me I find it hard to work in the library but I can work very easily in Starbucks along side my coffee as seeing people get one with their day motivates me (plus that means I can bribe myself with coffee to get a certain amount done!)
  7. Stay healthy! I know its hard when all you want to do is eat pizza and kebabs after a night out but making sure you are somewhat healthy can improve your energy levels and therefore your productivity at university!

And if all this fails and you leave everything to the last minute and it all gets a bit much, cry under a table and look at cute pictures of cows and have your friends around you sending you animal memes.

Best wishes in your 3rd year of uni,

The Ophite Life xox

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