We all forget things, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and most importantly information. Have you ever been sat in an exam and just forgotten everything?? Yup, we have all been there. Annoyingly this happens to me a lot, no matter how much I study.

Ironically, I remember studying how we forget in my A Level psychology class and the difference in forgetting from Short Term Memory (STM) by theories of trace decay and displacemnet as well as the Long Term Memory (LTM) by interferance, retrival failure and lack of consolidation.

All of our forgetfulness is down to these theories, tho I feel like the theory most relevant to my forgetfulness is retrival failure. I find it hard to retrive information from my LTM without cues, either, physical, environmental or mental (external and internal). Tulving (1974) argues the point of information is much easier to retrive when cues are present. For example, when learning lines in theatre and you forget your next line you ask for a cue. When that cue is stated you can usually recall the rest of your line, the better your LTM of ths script and without other factors eg. Nerves and anxiety the easier recalling is.

What are the things you are most likely to forget?

Hope you enjoyed this small insight into forgetting,

Sophie xox

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