Yellow is the brightest and lightest of all colors, and this brilliance is its most noticeable characteristic, which accounts for the way it is used practically and thought of symbolically.- MICHAEL FREEMAN, Mastering Color Digital Photography

Many of those who know me, know I am in love with the colour yellow from clothing to room decor. I love yellow for many reasons, it’s bright, it’s happy and it’s also the colour that I associate with my body confidence. When I lost a lot of weight, I started to wear more colour such as, red, pinks and yellows. Eventually, I fell in love with colour the more I started to wear it, then came the realisation of I own shit tonnes of yellow… Anytime I was spoken about I was associated with the colour yellow. Though honestly, kinda love it!! So here are some photos of my favourite yellow things!

A paper flower made in my 1st year of uni for an exam piece
Some beautiful flower gifted to me by my friend Ella during Into the Woods show week
My amazing yellow and grey bedding, matching my yellow and grey colour scheme in my bedroom!
The reusable BPA free water bottle I have that I use daily
My fave yellow co-ord set from Boohoo
My fave yellow jumper from Primark

So here are some of my favourite yellow things, let me know your favourite colours down below.


Sophie xox

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