Hannah Witton has started #dearjune to post everyday in June such like Carrie Hope Fletcher made ‘May, Myself and I”, although I thought about posting everyday in May it was no where near possible at the time due to exams and stress so thought I would try this month where life is slightly quieter!

Although I am at the end of my second year of university, I feel like I am at a new beginning. While coming towards my end of year exams I was left unmotivated, stressed and very ill. I have now been back home in Kent for one week, in that time, I am the happiest I have been in a while, even if some things have gone wrong! But, I have found that surrounding yourself with good people is a way to happiness and finding that new beginning.

My new beginning is a new motivation to want to improve myself in any way shape or form. I want to learn new skills this summer and improve things I have lost due to not keeping up with the work it takes. Currently I am awaiting (hopefully) surgery for my knee so dance isnt something I can continue with but will opitmistically be coming back to after recovery. Meanwhile, I have decided to focus on my drawing skills by studying anatomy and seeing how far I can go in 30 days, as well as, practising all my musical instruments- it has been a while I must be honest!

I always look to each new month, week, day, hour as a new beginning to change what you want to change. But when I really think about this, a new beginning is a romanticised concept that we believe can change us, or can allow us to change something. A huge example of this is new years, everyone sets their resolutions only to break them two weeks later and the bank accounts of all those brought gym memberships start to scream away the loss of thier pennies. Yet, even though, I know that this probably wont change me as a person and I most likely will not be posting every day I would like to think I can and I would like to challenge myself this month to prioritise my time and further my skills.

Hopefully I can set myself a routine to write everyday! Hope you all get on this train too, even if it’s a post on insta or a tweet just add #dearjune to it ❤

Much love,

Sophie xox

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