Motivation #3

My life is a mess just like the next person but getting my life together is one of the most satisfying things to do, I love to organise, especially when it comes to my uni work. So here is my uni work organisation tips, however, all of these are applicable no matter what age you are for those in secondary school or work!

  1. Make sure your working area is clear and clean, I find that tidying my desk every night makes it more appealing to work at the next morning. I also do my makeup at my desk everyday so it is always good to have a clear and organised space to fit both makeup and work needed. So as soon as I have finished my makeup I will put it away where it belongs and then get my work out and make sure it is away before I go to bed (only exception to this is when I have watercolours drying of which I have to leave out).
  2. Find a place you can focus in, I have found that our drama building where most of my lectures are is a good place for me to work when I cannot focus at my desk or even somewhere like Starbucks in town is a good place for me to work. This took time for me to work out so don’t be disheartened if you haven’t found a place of focus just yet.
  3. If you listen to music if it aids your concentration but make sure it actually aids your concentration rather than distracting you. I listen to music that has no lyrics or even music I don’t know the words to as I cant sing along so I get on with work!
  4. Something I have majorly learnt to do is keep up with your work and do bits as you go along, I am currntly doing a big project which I feel like I have left wayyy too long to start… we shall get there though! But kids start your work asap!!!
  5. When doing an essay or any work in general tbh, make a “shit to do” checklist as I like to call them and reserach before you start (this aids writing the essay/assingment a lot!).
  6. When doing readings for lectures etc, take notes while you read and refernce them, this helps as you dont always need to flick through a book, I find putting these on a word document under each week is very helpful!
  7. KNOW YOUR DEADLINES!!!! Simple but effective point for obvious reasons!!
  8. Always a point of mine but Brain Dump, this gives a clear indication of everything that is currently disorganised in your mind and you are less likely to forget things.
  9. If you have lots of key terms in your subjects, make a glossary or flashcards as you go throughout the year and learn them in your spare time (makes revision a whole lot easier).
  10. Online calenders link all your appointments etc to all your devices or use a planner to keep track of things.
  11. If a task takes 2 mins or less, do it now, 5 tasks, 10 mins, GO!! You will feel more accomplished because you have completed a task.
  12. Study timetable, these can be just a to do list for each day or if you are really struggling make it a stricter time restraint and stick to it.
  13. Revise for smaller tests, this links back to number 9, but if you revise for mocks and smaller tests throughout the year and understand it, when you get to your big exams at the end of the year you arent overloaded with information you dont understand…
  14. Take breaks/reward yourself, dont burn out as that will motivate you less but dont take too long of a break that you are unproductive, I found the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ really useful to get me started.
  15. ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE! Best way to get into a habit, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit so get started now to help your future self!

Hope you enjoy and found any of these 15 tips useful, let me know your tips so that I can still be productive.

Sophie xox

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