Life Declutter

At the beginning of this year I posted on my blog about my word of focus, however, I never really fully focused on being happy. University took over life and I was a complete ball of stress and anger, yet, this Easter I decided I am going to start focusing on being happy and for that I needed to start to declutter my life, here are the steps I took:

I started with what I use most, my desk. I cleared off the top and emptied all the draws and made piles of what I needed, what needed to be filed, moved elsewhere and rubbish. I had so much crap like homework sheets from GCSE and A Level which were up to five years old, I definitly did not need those!! In the bin they went. Once sorted I went through each pile and put them in the relevant place and found I have a lot of pens, so I got a scrap piece of paper and tested all of them… many didn’t work so again, I got rid of many (mainly so I have room for more but that isn’t the point at all).

I then went through my bedroom and looked around (thankful Phoebe and I had recently been through my entire room and got rid of loads so this didn’t take too long) to get rid of all the crap, eg, take out my rubbish etc. And then proceeded to clean, I have now very much taken over the whole tidy room, tidy mind way of thinking as I can no longer think in a messy room!

After all the physical decluttering was done I turned to my digital life, and deleted all documents, photos and apps that I no longer need or use. This took the longest as I realised I haven’t ever decluttered my icloud account.

Then I took to social media and unfollowed everyone who made me unhappy or made me feel worthless, and truly I feel like this is what changed me. All my feeds are so much more positive now and is not filled with crap I no longer care about. Especially on instagram…. If you don’t like someone’s content then unfollow them, without guilt, and make your social media something you want to look through, no something you dread. At the end of the day it is YOUR social media and no else’s!

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