Motivation #2

A while ago I posted tips on how to get motivated. And I have had a couple of messages asking for any more tips so here they are:

  1. Don’t keep pressing the snooze button. This makes you grumpy in the mornings in comparison to just getting out of bed on the first alarm.
  2. Routines. Switch them up occasionally so you dont get too bored and hate what you are doing!
  3. Timetable. Make a daily provisional timetable of time blocking things to get done that day, however, it doesnt matter if these are done strictly to the times.
  4. Breaks. Make sure you have a break to keep you going, listen to your mind and your body and dont push yourself too early. Think of it like marathon running, consistency is key.
  5. Distractions… Eliminate them!!!
  6. Friends/Family Help. Get your friends and family to check on how you are getting on with projects etc or do what I do with Taylor when we are on a motivation kick and send quotes to each other each day to keep one another on track.
  7. Quotes. Linking to this, pinterest quotes, pin them to your wall, make them your background, get inspired!!
  8. Reward yourself. When you have accomplished a goal, make sure you reward yourself with something substantial to keep you motivated towards that reward.
  9. 2 minute rule. If something takes you less than 2 mins to do bulk them into a group and get them done and out of the way, you will feel more motivated because you have accomplished a task and you are crossing off that to-do list youve been desperatley trying to get done for weeks!!!
  10. Goals. Make goals and write them down and see how you get with them in your given time!

Hope these help! If you have any tips on motivation be sure to let me know!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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