How to: Write an Essay in a Day

So you’ve left an essay and when you think you have a week left before it is due and you actually only have 24 hours? Yup, we have all been there! This happened to me earlier this year and I have learnt never to procrastinate again… However, I also learnt that I can do a lot under pressure (definitely not my best work though) and here are my tips of how to do an essay in a day:

  1. Eat a filling meal and prep those snacks (trust me this is so much better than constanly getting up because you’re hungry) and make a good drink. This means you are more likely to focus on the essay or work rather than thinking about what you are going to have for dinner.
  2. Choose your location to work. If this is a desk that is messy in your dorm (again, all been there), I suggest the one song power clean that I do. Meaning you put on an upbeat song and put everything away in this time, it means you work quickly and efficently. Alternativley, go to the library, however I find it easier to work in my room so I have everything I need near by.
  3. Bye Bye Distractions… TURN THAT PHONE OFF!!! Put everything that will distract you elsewhere or what I find handy is give it to a flatmate who can hold it for ransom until your essay is done (thanks Irma)!
  4. Timetable your day/night and allocate times and stick to them!! Eg, half hour planning, hour research, 20 mins intro, 5 hours bulk essay, 20 mins conclusion, 3 hours editing and perfecting (this is kinda my go to plan for a 2500 essay so adapt this to your word count etc). There is no time to dilly dally so get on with it!
  5. Use a referncing generator as you go, saves you time if you struggle with referncing!!
  6. If you cant get started use the pomodereo technique!! (Post to come on this)
  7. Dont forget to take breaks, dont get exhausted from it, every hour or so take a 5-10 min break and I suggest instead of being on your phone for these breaks get up and walk about, get a drink and eat a quick snack to refuel yourself, you also wont lose focus from the essay!

Those are my 7 tips on how to write an essay in a day and I hope this helps for all you students out there!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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