10 things I cannot live without…

So when I started thinking about Lent this year and how most give up something such as chocolate, it made me really think about the things that I have that I do not think I could cope without. Here is a list of these 10 items:

  1. Music – I mean this in many different ways because I love listening, playing and writing music and if any of those were to be gone I would be distraught. Music is something I really connect to and love.
  2. Friends – My friends mean everything to me, the reason I travel home from uni most of the time is so that I can see my best friends from home! Friends at uni also make it a better experience overall.
  3. Disney – Does this one really need an explanation? Basically, Disney is life!
  4. Books – I love to read, constantly! It keeps my mind occupied and you can learn a lot from reading, even through fiction.
  5. My car – My car is freedom. Before I had my car I felt trapped and like I couldn’t escape from bad things, but now, something happens and I can just go for a drive. My car also allowed me to actually go to university and live the way I wanted to!
  6. Exercise – Lately I have been on an exercise slump and it has showed me how much it makes me feel better even just on a day to day basis because it makes me truly happy, my body doesn’t ache as much from doing lots in a day because I was fitter. It also helped me lose a lot of weight, and I’m not saying you need to lose weight to be happy, I’m saying it just helped me feel a little more confident because my weight was something I was highly bullied for, for years on end.
  7. Conversation – As much as I am quite the introvert, if I do not have a conversation for days on end I start to feel very isolated, so for me I like to socialise in very small doses to bring out the best in myself!
  8. Drawing – I am shit at drawing, but I love it. It is a way of expression that I don’t get satisfaction out in other ways (like music helps more but drawing brings out a different side of my expressive nature).
  9. Makeup – Makeup makes me feel more confident, again is a way for me to express myself and is just something I have learned to get somewhat good at over the years. Yes, I can probably live without makeup for most of the time, however, it will always be something I constantly go back too.
  10. Tea – Coffee I could give up, but tea?? Never, it starts a conversation, people can bond over their love of tea and as most of us know, it makes any situation much better.

These are 10 things I don’t think I could live without, as you can see I haven’t included things like food, water and shelter (aka, the necessities) because I feel like that would take up my entire list haha.

Let me know what you couldn’t live without.

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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