International Women’s Day 2019

I am proud to be a woman. I am proud to have small boobs and a vagina. I am proud to identify as female. I am also proud of every single other woman to grace this world, because quite frankly it is hard work.

Our world wouldn’t be how it is today without women, we would not have any of these inventions-

Computer software – Grace Hopper

Caller ID and call waiting – Dr Shirley Ann Jackson

Windscreen wiper – Mary Anderson

Space station batteries – Olga D Gonzalez-Sanabria

Dishwasher – Josephine Cochrane

Home security system – Marie Van Brittan Brown

Stem cell isolation – Ann Tsukamoto

Kevlar – Stephanie Kwolek

Monopoly – Elizabeth Magie

These I learnt from the BBC 100 women article, I found it so interesting of how many things women invented and just how awesome we all are! There are many thing that make me proud to be a woman but the fact that we have come so far from how women in general were treated, that is one big reason to be bloody proud of our sex!

Being a woman is something I want to write about more and have requested to write about more so for today I shall end on my favourite poem of today and keep an eye out for more posts and please DM me or comment any topics you wish for me to talk about!!

‘Birth Mother’ by Srilata Krishnan 

We are standing in front of the mirror,
my daughter and I,
brushing our hair and being vain
when I think of the doctor’s question:
“What was her birth cry like?”
I don’t know and never will.
She is fine, or will be, I know.
But looking in the mirror and into her almond eyes,
I wonder what she is like – her birth mother –
if she too, was once, afraid of words
and of the fluttering of pigeons,
if she has nicely formed arches on her feet
and whether or not her eyebrows make a bow
for good luck,
if she is small and slender-waisted,
if she is anything like my daughter,
or was.
Strange, but I don’t wonder at all about the father.

I tug at her pony.
“Amma, let’s go”, she urges into a mirror
that is slowly
her birth mother.

Our eyes meet in that eye of a little god
and she smiles
the sort of smile that is like mine.

Birth Mother” is © Srilata Krishnan

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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