A Word of Focus

January was a stressful month and as much as I wanted to post frequently throughout, I was struggling to find the time to just sit and write. But if people are interested I will talk about how my experience of being a Musical Director for a show was. But even though it is near February I still want to write the content I had previously planned as well as my February content.

Today I want to mention a new thing that I am trying which was actually suggested to me by a lecturer which was to have a focus word for either a month or a year and let yourself do things that lead to that word of focus being a reality. My word of focus for the year is….. HAPPINESS!!

For a while now I haven’t been happy in myself, obviously there have been things that make me happy like my friends etc. But honestly I haven’t been happy when I am by myself with my thoughts etc. So the plan over the next 11 months is to continue to do things that make me happy! Whether that be eating a biscuit to going to the gym.

Slowly but surely I am cutting out people who are negative towards my life and quite frankly people I can be a better person without them hovering over my shoulder with every little thing I do!

I know this is a short little post but now that I have more time, more effort will be going into my blog as I’ve missed writing so much!!

If you have a word of focus, let me know what it is!!

As always, Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

One thought on “A Word of Focus

  1. I struggle to keep up my blog but J think everyone does. Sometimes you just need some time away to recharge. I’ve struggles the past couple of weeks but I know I’ll get back to it soon enough x

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