2018 A Year In Review…

So a few people have DM’d me on twitter and asked about my year and my New Years resolutions so here is my little year in review, I hope you enjoy!!!

2018 in three words: Eventful, Freedom, Unforgettable

A friend I made: Well there is more than one!! But I love all the girls at vagina and they are the people I made friends with (hopefully they think so too)!

Goal I achieved: A goal I achieved was to enjoy cooking more and I have certainly done that!!

Something I learned: I learned that I need to make myself happy and will definitely be doing that in 2019 and getting rid of people who are more negative!

A memory from each month:

January: Zoe and I built the bridge for our exam!!

February: Show of 9 to 5!!! We had an amazing show and I got very drunk at cast party!

March: Not the nicest memory but I thought I would include the biggest memory from each month so this month was my car crash.

April: Would have to be giving my best friend the scrapbook I made for her birthday!!

May: Theory of Relativity show week!!! Although I have another great one which was my Prosecco night with Zoe!

June: LANZAROTE!! My first proper holiday without my family

July: My 19th birthday!

August: Sailing in Norway with my best (best weeks of this year!)

September: Moved back to university

October: I don’t remember much of October, there was a lot of Alcohol… let us just say I learnt my limits haha, but I brought a ukulele.

November: Leeway’s Last 5 years! Now one of my favourite musicals!

December: River building again with Zoe for our scenographic composition exam!


Memory: My favourite memory was sailing with dad, I cant choose a particular moment because they were all great!

Movie: My favourite new movie was the new Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald as I only really saw it recently but my favourite movie was Legally Blonde as it is very inspiring and who doesn’t love Elle?!

Trip: Again Norway or my little afternoon tea weekends away that I did

Meal: Cold meat, Chips and Gravy!! Never will be beaten tho Ramen is in a very close second!

Song: Take it Back, Ed Sheeran

Musical: There are too many to choose from…. but Legally Blonde

See you in the new year!!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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