What I am Tracking This December

This December I am trying to perfect habit tracking in my bullet journal and journaling in general so day two of Blogmas is showing you what I am tracking this month! 

So in my habit tracker we have: 

Hydration- 2 litres of water in a day 

Cook- Cook at least 2 meals everyday 

Walk up the hill- This only really applies until the 14th when I drive home but for 2 weeks I can track this

Workout- Not been to the gym as much lately so time to get back to it

Wake up by 7am- Hopefully to boost productivity 

Blogmas- You guys will know if I completed this is or not because of what I post!! 

Instagram- I want to post everyday this month 

Ukulele- My latest instrument, practise daily for at least 30 mins 

Draw- whether this be for my portfolio or just for fun!! 

Study- Anything to do with uni work and cross at least one thing off my to-do list 

Sleep Log- Majorly struggling with sleep lately so I am trying out a sleep log to find patterns and possibly a reason why! 

Short and sweet post today but I hope you enjoy, let me know what you are tracking this December or what is in your monthly spread!!! 

Best wishes, 

The Ophite Life xox 

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