Vagina Monologues #3

There is a topic I particularly want to talk about and that is… What does it mean to be a woman? 

So to me there are lots of things that it means to be a woman, some of them maybe contradictory but it depends on the day on how I feel personally.

I asked a couple of my friends who gave me a little paragraph which I will be discussing but for now here is my opinion

  • An adult female person
  • A wife
  • A mother
  • A daughter
  • A niece
  • A granddaughter
  • An Aunt
  • A hard worker
  • A problem solver
  • A cleaner
  • A carer
  • A friend

Some negative connotations I have about being a woman:

  • To not be taken seriously
  • To have a lower wage
  • To be below the glass celilng
  • To never speak her mind
  • To never speak out of turn
  • To have periods
  • To be sexualised
  • To be told what to wear
  • To be told how to look
  • To be told there are only certain jobs I can do
  • To not consent
  • To be judged
  • To be weak
  • To be seen and not heard
  • To be last

But lastly from me some positives:

  • To show that I am strong
  • To be stronger
  • To be encouraging
  • To raise awareness
  • To stand aside men not in front or behind

And lastly… To change the world

I asked two of my best friends what it means for them to be a woman also to see other people’s opinions.

One said “being a woman is being comfortable in my own skin, not necessarily how I look but how I feel!”

And another, we had a full blown conversation about this around 11pm and it got very deep about how we feel but here are some snippets of what she said, “I like having boobs and in this day and age with the fight for equality it is quite a proud thing to be… like the first female doctor in doctor who and stuff makes it more relatable”

I showed her my answers and we discussed about being physically weak but emotionally strong is the female stereotype and some days that’s how I feel, she replied with “and even though it’s trying to move forward like people make #metoo jokes so it is not taken seriously when women speak out and I totally get how you feel. Like women’s sports like football, rugby and wrestling you see less of than men’s and usually tickets are a lower price too!”

Another example that was brought up was how Piers Morgan speaks his mind on ‘Good Morning Britain’ but Susanna Reid is more quiet and doesn’t usually head an interview, but the you get women like Oprah who prove that women can have a huge voice along with many other inspiring celebrities.

And one of her last points that I will share with you is, “so yeah we make progress in certain senses but then it seems to go backwards as well and the fact is the gender pay gap, sexual harassment etc. still exists despite these protests so yeah women are emotionally resilient enough to fight but then deep down it doesn’t make a difference to the grand scheme of the world?”

Although I wrote down many negatives I am extremely proud to be a woman and I am determined to change the world with what I can do and show that I am determined, emotionally and physically strong and most importantly show everyone that I can do whatever I put my mind to!!

Let me know on your opinions, I want to hear them!!

As always,

Best Wishes and a Happy 1st December,

The Ophite Life xox

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