No Spend Ideas

So as a student I struggle with having enough money and with Christmas around the corner we need to save all the money we can (though this is obviously applicable all year round)!! So here are 20 no spend ideas:

  1. Go for a walk/Walk instead of drive- gets you fit and costs nothing at all!!
  2. Read a book, you can borrow from your local library so you don’t have to buy a book
  3. Create a bullet journal
  4. Spa Day DIY, so many facemarks etc of things from your fridge!!
  5. Phone/Facetime a friend, one of my go to’s is to FaceTime someone like my bestie or my boyfriend because then I definitely won’t spend anything
  6. Tidy your room!! If (like me) this is always on your to-do list and you never do it, back on a song and see how much you can tidy in the time of that song
  7. On a note of tidying you can reorganise your belonging, I always have a dump draw/pile of papers that always need to be sorted into folders or even do your chores round the house!!
  8. Again on a similar note but deep clean! Polish those surfaces, get rid of the dust and anti bac everywhere! Makes you feel so much better, clean sheets are just the perfect touch to this!!
  9. If you are musical like myself, play or write music, you have the facility if you have an instrument or just write out some lyrics to a tune in your head
  10. Learn a new song! I’m always at auditions or learning songs for showcase which takes me a while so get learning- always helpful for auditions or if you like to play a piece from memory
  11. If you’re not musical but enjoy writing, plan a story or a blog post (this post was planned and written on a non-spend day for me, thought it to be quite fitting actually)
  12. Do your work!! If you are at home or in the library doing work, make your own coffee/tea and get working!! Being productive will always make you feel better too as you have achieved something and crossing something off your to-do list is sooooo satisfying!!
  13. Apply for jobs, if you have the time to work there is no harm in spending the day applying for jobs, yes you may not hear back etc, which is why I recommend applying in bulk but this takes time and no money if you use a free site (or on that walk, take your CV in if somewhere is advertising)
  14. Explore new places, pretty explanatory but places like country parks etc are usually free to walk around or like me I can go for a lovely walk along seafront and explore little places I haven’t before seen
  15. Take pictures- get something for the ‘gram
  16. Make a budget, well its a no spend day so might as well plan out what you can spend tomorrow 😉
  17. Draw!! I love drawing but I am not the best so worth practising on days of no spending
  18. Do your washing, for me this is a spend as I don’t have a washing machine in my flat and have to pay for the use of a machine, but most do have a washing machine at home so make the most of being at home
  19. Watch a film, Dvd/Netflix cosy days are the best, especially when it gets to autumn/winter time like now!!
  20. Start a blog

I like to try and do these kinda days of no-spend once or twice a week to not put too much pressure on myself of like the no spend week or month challenges you see all over Pinterest because that would just stress me out haha… so once to twice a week for me!!

All the best,

The Ophite Life xox

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