Vagina Monologues #2

Rehearsals can be an emotional rollercoaster for me because one moment I’m “setting the bar high” because I had a productive day that day compared to a near breakdown and a half hour rant that I needed off my chest… Safe to say it went downhill quite quickly but having a safe space to be able to rant to women who are like minded and give you that emotional support that you need when ranting. You know what I mean?? Like when I try and tell someone some huge news and I expect a HUGE reaction from them and… nothing!! It just isn’t satisfying enough and I feel like me ranting for half an hour wasn’t worth, but these women make ranting a) easy and b) worth it and c) helpful!! To me, ranting is a way to get things off my chest but after that rehearsal I have realised how much I have changed as a person over the years from being a near social mute to being able to speak my mind (post to Coe about this)- not without judgement from people thinking I’m dumb etcetera but freedom of speech and people thinking you’re a bit ditzy is better than no freedom at all!

I am excited to see in the future how I will change as a person from here and how I will transform into the woman I want to be.

I really look up to these girls as I have never felt so comfortable and myself in a room of people that is more than one!

A short post but nonetheless a little update on life

As always,

All the Best,

The Ophite Life xox

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