Vagina Monologues #1

So by the title you may be wondering what I am going to be chatting about for today’s post, well I can tell you, I am in a play called “Vagina Monologues’ by Eve Ensler and honestly even though we have only done a few rehearsals I am absolutely loving it!! Getting to know the cast is one of the greatest parts because they are all such wonderful, kind and empowering women- I have never felt so proud to be a women before. And yes, me writing all this on my blog will never do these ladies justice but I hardly know them yet I feel so closely connected to them in many ways…

In the first rehearsal that I attended we had to tell our best story and our most embarrassing, as these ladies know these quite personal stories about me they know me better and some people I have known for years, because of the personal level that we get to in some of our anecdotes!

Today, my day of writing this, we had to write a true story about ourselves and it could be about anything, unknowing of what would happen with it… One of the girls must pick a story and read it aloud in front of us all but oppose the emotions of the story so happy turns sad and vice versa etcetera etcetera. When I heard my story be told in a different light, I wanted to cry, now I don’t know if that is because I am typically emotional recently or the fact that my story being told in a different light was so fulfilling and make my best day ever seem even better than it did before, it was well performed and I feel like my wanting to cry was of happiness from remembering that day!

As well as talking about my rehearsals I would love to share some stories of my own that I have always wanted to write down but never known where so I guess here is a good place to start? I have many different things to rehearse for at the moment and the processes and stories that come from these I want to share not just for you to read but for me to look back on in the future, as ultimately, I made this blog as a place for me to look back on not to gain views because I have done a current trending tag (tho occasionally I do love me a good tag). I want to talk more about myself and let myself be who I truly am, after all, I’m behind a keyboard not confronted by people if I was like this in person. Although, it is still weird to me that people I know do read this blog because I completely forget about people reading this and just want to write. So after blabbering on for a while I am gonna get writing about myself and let me know what you think about this little (what I hope to be) series about my rehearsals and show process and to hear more about me as a person!

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6 thoughts on “Vagina Monologues #1

  1. how exciting for you! I’ve never attended one but have seen a few online, and indeed it makes one so proud to be female! looking forward to seeing updates, enjoy it!! 💛

    xx Emma B

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  2. This sounds like an awesome experience and so cool you have connected with such inspirational and empowering women. I’ve never heard about this before so thank you for sharing, it was really interesting to find out more. Good luck with the play and hope everything goes well! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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