Exam Piece for Scenography

Back in January I had my theatre technologies exam piece, our brief was to build a garden within the studio. We first had our workshops on how to use the equipment and then had a production meeting to share each others ideas on what we could do for this performance which would be open for people to come and watch. I decided that my original idea for the garden would be a bridge with a river so we got planning and this was the end result.

Here are some snaps of the piece before an audience came in and hope you enjoy

Rigging of tree from back
Rigging of how the tree was made, we used birdie lanterns and LED colour lights to light from the inside of the tree/waterfall. As through different lighting states the tree became a waterfall that ran into a river under the bridge
Singluar petaled flowers
Origami flowers/petals attached to the bridge
Bridge in natural lighting
A bridge that I proudly designed and got the help of Zoe, Chris and Maisie to help build ready for the performance
Brigde with swans
Lit mid performance with the river lit blue with LEDs and the use of umbrellas to give the shape of the river
mainly back lit tree
Dimmed down warm parcan light to light the bottom of the tree to make it look like a mini bombfire
White paper flower
Paper flowers made from origami petals
Swans (up close)
Origami Swan, decorated by flicks of paint from a paint brush to give a splattered effect
Lit up flowers in the dark
LED individual lights in each petal to light the flower inside
Tree from balcony
Overview of the entire garden with back lit tree
Vegetable garden with catepillar
A mini allotment made out of wood and ground coffee leftovers used as soil (with paper mâché carrots and other veg), with a giant caterpillar made out of paper lanterns joined together
projection and pink stage of tree
Use of projection onto the tree
Miniture swan
Mini swan ready to jump off the bridge to follow its mother below- this was more Zoe and I having fun with making the swans and wanting this little one in the final piece

All the best,

The Ophite Life xox

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