My Study Goals for October

So this October I want to focus much more on the academic side of my life as I want to better my memory and just my general learning skills.

I’m now in my second year of university, so I really want to do well in my studies and keep on track for a first like I have been in my first year. For this I want to try out many different study techniques that maybe I haven’t tried out before to hopefully enhance how I learn and allow me to study smarter in less time than usual so that I have more time for other things such as my blog and rehearsals- then when it gets to show time and exams in January I won’t be as stressed as I will have been studying better than this time last year.

My lecturer sent us all an email and gave us a technique of note taking to try, this is called the Cornell technique for note taking, I will write a post on how this is done as I want to share my development of techniques over the time I use them and see what works and what doesn’t for me. However, these techniques may work for you so I want to share how they are done.

I want to change some of my habits and attitudes when it comes to studying, so I want to be able to read my readings in bits everyday rather than the night before and to being able to complete the reading and annotations before the lecture hindering my studies. So for now I will use the Cornell technique to take notes on my readings as it seems effective and I shall let you know how that goes for me.

Another thing I want to try is to write my notes in lectures by hand then going through the powerpoint afterwards on my laptop and type things up that link to each other, then link these notes to the readings I have done in preparation for the lecture meaning I am more actively learning rather than passively reading and copying from a slide. This is active because I will be making connections between different readings and how they can be connected or even have contrasting arguments, then reference along side this as that can always help ready for essay writing as you do not need to hunt for the reference because it is already there (saving you tonnes of time)!

Something I feel like will really help me and has actually helped me to do my seminar work and to write this post, is to study outside of my bedroom. If I stayed in my bedroom all morning and didn’t get ready to go outside I never feel in the right mindset to study, so although I left later than planned as I am suffering with good old fresher’s flu, I still got up and got out my flat… eventually! However, I think I chose the wobbliest table in the foyer but none the less I still am getting work done.

Let’s hope the Cornell method works for me and I will share how this method works so watch the space!!


Best wishes and happy studying!!

The Ophite Life xox




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