Uni Room Tour

A thing that I love to see when people have moved into uni is how they have made their room their own! Although my room isn’t majorly aesthetic I really like it how it is at the moment as it is practical for me, so here is my room and I’ll talk you through it!! ENJOY!!



So this is what my room looks like when you enter, from where I was standing to the right of me is my bathroom as I am in an en-suite accommodation, though I thought today I’d just show you the bedroom as there isn’t much in the bathroom anyway.


Here you see my bed, with a double duvet because I smother myself in a duvet to stay warm (I get abnormally cold). However, it also hides the fact that there a load of boxes underneath my bed for storage, so underneath my bed I have a box of all my underwear, my hair care/dryer etc, my suitcase ready for when I come home and my shoes are also stored here for convenience! At the end of my bed I also have my keyboard as it fits with the stand here, however I feel like I will have to move it around when I hang up my washing, my clothes horse is stored next to my keyboard against the wall.

My notice board doesn’t consist of much other than contact numbers from the uni, a yearly wall calendar with events on it and my shopping list that I need to do when I get money.


SO my bedside table is a bit of a mess at the moment as I haven’t quite decided what to do with it, currently it holds my pjs, chargers and other bits that I have not found a home for, so this is a working progress currently, but here I have two plug sockets which is handy! The Soap and Glory box contains facemasks etc ready for a pamper night, so it is currently my pamper box until I find a bigger one.





Lastly here is my wardrobe and desk, again with two plug sockets. On the desk we have my laptop, a desk lamp, moisturiser, water bottle (reusable), pen pot, tin full of washi tape, my mirror and makeup brushes.

The top draw contains all my stationary and the bottom draw is all my makeup.

The top shelf, contains a bottle and a half of vodka (ready for fresher’s week), pictures from home, and my module folders.

The bottom shelf contains all my books, a memories box, two recorders, a plaque, mini draws which contain plasters and paracetamol etc, and a photo of my lovely dad.

So there we go, there is a mini room tour of my uni room, I hope you enjoy and love this little series I am doing!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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