My Freshers Experience and Top Tips

My freshers experience was amazing, I had found that once I’d moved in it was time to make myself at home and get stuck in! I found that making as many friends as possible in fresher’s week made me a huge difference and kind of set me up for the year with people I’d hang out with and get closer too as the year went on.

I feel like my experience was good because I followed a few goals I had set myself and have clearly learnt from last year of what could make it better, so here are 5 tips to follow as a newbie to uni!

  1. Unpack as soon as possible! This will make your room more cosy and if you get homesick it wont be as bad because you have made your room your own.
  2. You don’t have to go to every night out in fresher’s week, although this is the stereotype of a classic uni student I found that some of the events weren’t for me and I would go home before midnight feeling like a nice evening to myself and a book may have been better for me.
  3. Eat properly!! If you are drinking a lot, make sure you eat well, otherwise you will get fresher’s flu because your body is run down and you are more susceptible to illness, so make sure you are hydrated and eating well. A top tip I found throughout the year, if I went out drinking I’d leave myself a pint of water, some precooked pizza or nuggets etc and makeup wipes with a little note of what I had left! Trust me when I say drunk me thanked sober me ALOT!
  4. Get involved! Most societies offer a first free session or hold try outs for sports or in my case auditions for theatre societies etc! I suggest if you are interested in something sign up to their mailing list from fresher’s fair and like their Facebook page so you can follow them but you aren’t signed up with paid membership until you know you like it!
  5. Budget! Student loans come in and go so quickly so make sure you budget, I’m going to start a little cooking series of budget foods so keep an eye out for them in future! But buy staple things in bulk like pasta etc, in Tescos you can get a 5kg bag of pasta for like £2.50 which will last you ages!! But a how to budget post will be up this week if you are struggling with how to budget as you wont then need to worry about money struggles.

So there are 5 tips of how to get the experience of fresher’s and hopefully you avoid fresher’s flu!!

Stay safe at all times, especially when drinking!!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox


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