My Favourite Scenography Photos: Workshop One

Around two years ago now I visited my university for an open day, originally to study psychology or music but I had a look in their drama department and see what it was like because theatre and creative arts are my true passion. I walked in and was amazed at the facilities and the equipment! I did a workshop on naturalism and was in love with the teaching method- I’ve done many workshops in my 19 years of life but this was now up there in my top 3. After this workshop I met the scenography lecturer and realised that scenography was something I had to look into, which I did over the next few days and knew I had to do the course and completely change my plan of doing psychology or music.

Just to let you know the art of scenography uses: lighting, sound, costume, colours and staging for either art or productions but can be used in everyday situations, for example, a teacher setting out where the desks go in a classroom or decorating a room in your home!

So delving back to my first scenography workshop, I have never had so much fun in two hours… There have been a few photographs on my Instagram which I will start posting again because I’d forgotten how much I loved the photos I took that day!! I want to write a separate post about our assessment earlier this year and what was involved but here are a few photographs from that first workshop for theatre technologies. We were allowed to explore around the studio and play around with the lighting and sound to make art. I had never felt so inspired! Hope you enjoy some of these images from that day.

I always say that I want to blog more so the day that this goes live is my day of writing and scheduling for this blog as I really enjoy blogging, however, sometimes life just has to take priority sometimes so watch this space for more posts coming soon!!!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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