How to: Stay Productive

I have told myself that I will become a more productive person, and recently it has started to work again as I went on an unproductive spiral when I got to university. So here is what I have been doing to stay productive, especially in the term holidays. With these tips earlier this year I managed to design and with the help of my friend and a tech team member build this bridge for my course!

  1. Make your bed everyday- this is a task that is simple and get you in a getting tasks done mode (this also makes your bedroom look tidier).
  2. Get a good nights sleep- this speaks for itself, if you are tired you will be less productive
  3. Get into a routine- if you do the same things at the same time each day your body will get used to it and it will less likely tire you out as well as being more likely to do the task needed.
  4. Declutter your space- tidy work space equals tidy mind
  5. Braindump your thoughts- I think I will do a separate post on how to braindump effectively!
  6. Make a master to do list and pick the prioritised tasks to do first then you can make sure the must be done tasks are done!
  7. Set deadlines/SMART goals- this is more productive than get it done by this day
  8. Remove distractions- phone and electronics have a do not disturb button for a reason! This can also help fight addiction for electronics in out generation.
  9. Keep your mind fresh- I personally could not focus on the same subject for more than three or four hours at the most so changing it up every few hours can excite productivity.
  10. Do the hardest task first- this means it has your full attention and you are not procrastinating it, tho the next tip may make the hardest task a bit easier!
  11. Break up hard or big tasks into sections- when I studied my Extended Project Qualification it was a big project, so I split up the research into elements and then the word count into these sections and say write or research a section a day! This has helped how I write my 2500 word essays at university.
  12. Switch up your scenery- being in the same place for a long period of time can tire your mind, if it is a nice day, study outside. Other places are coffee shops and libraries, they usually have free wifi so use this to your advantage!
  13. Manage your stress- if you have done a hard morning of work, take the afternoon of to relax or vise versa. I find it better to work in the morning, do an activity with friends in the afternoon and realx in the evening, this way I can socialise, do work and relax all in one day!
  14. Stay hydrated- dehydration inhibits productivity as you tire more quickly and lose focus easily
  15. Last of all finish the task you have started- it is horrible to come back to a half started task where it is confusing of where you left off and have to pick up

So that is 15 tips to stay productive, if you have any other how to series ideas then feel free to let me know!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox


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