How Do I Express My Creativity


Since a very young age I always told to be imaginative/creative by either my father, my nan or my carers. Being creative for me releases built up stress inevitably from sixth form, there are many ways in which I try to express my creative side so here are a few ideas if you are struggling.

1) Drawing, now I don’t claim to be the best artist in the world, but sometimes just grabbing a piece of paper or a sketchpad and just drawing something can help so much! I usually look on Pinterest for things to draw, get somewhat overwhelmed by the amazing artists for around an hour then get to the point of finding something simple enough that matches my abilities.
2) Painting, I love to experiment with blending watercolours recently as it is very satisfying to watch them blend together and there are so many techniques to learn and use!!
3) Journaling, I don’t have any photos for this as it will be in a blog post soon to come!! I love planning and I love doodling so why not add the two together in a bullet journal? I find it relaxing and fun, again I look on Pinterest for inspiration for weekly spreads and ways to track things like my study hours.

4) Sewing/Knitting, I haven’t done this in a long time but I used to go to my nans house and we would knit together, overall we made blankets, cardigans, jumpers and little clothing sets for my teddy bears etc, it was so much fun and used to help me wind down after a long day shopping or cleaning the house with my nan. Something I wish to learn in the future is crocheting, as it will be really nice to learn a new skill and be able to use what I make.

5) Singing, I can be that annoying person who sings all the time and gets on everyone’s nerves, but it all depends on who I am with. My favourite thing to do is come home to an empty house and sing my lungs out (much to my neighbours despair). Singing relieves stress and anxiety and releases endorphins therefore physically making you more relaxed and happier. Along with this I love to dance, even though I am probably the worst dancer to live, but I very much enjoy it – both singing and dancing burn calories and exercise also relieves stress but is also creative at the same time.

6) Lastly, a strange one but… I love organising things! whether that be my desk, wardrobe the kitchen cupboards, I find it fun and the way in which I find it creative is because you can think of new storage solutions or when redecorating you have to plan all the fun organising things. This one isn’t for everyone but for me being able to organise something makes me feel in control and maybe even inspire something else.

Those are my ways of being creative that also help me relieve stress as that’s always a bonus these very stressful days!!

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