The Struggle of Being Independent?!

The title would suggest that I struggle to be an independent person, when in fact it is visa versa… I am too independent and struggle to go to people for help.

So this year I have had a bit of a rollercoaster so far (I know it is only March), earlier this year I was having trouble with eating and all that fun health stuff (may write about this another time) and when I just thought I was getting better from being away from university for just over a week and have my boyfriend encourage me, I drive back to university and unfortunately was in a car accident. Other than a fractured sternum, external and internal bruising all is well my end and thankfully the other party was not injured.

As I have people close to asking what can they do to help and honestly I would have no idea how on earth they can help as I am so used to dealing with battles on my own. So even asking one of my best friends to come and help me with my stuff was hard enough but you have to start somewhere, right?

My independence has come from many different parts of my childhood, such as, my school encouraging independence, left to my own devices to work things out at home and generally just mothering my friends to make sure they got everything done on time for school. So essentially being dependent is not really my strong point to be frank.

So as a result of the recent months and my realisation of my independecy that has become maybe a little too much for an 18 year old, I am going to try and ask people for help when I need it but also that my friends can come to me with their issues as well. So not to become dependent but just less independent and accept help when needed.

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox



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