New Year, New Me?

I hear the statement “New Year, New Me” quite a lot as people attempt to make resolutions that they will inevitably never stick to. But what does this statement really mean? I ask this because yes, you can decide to make new life choices, however, you will be the same person you were the day before!

Life habits take time to keep to as well as requiring hard work to stick to them, so why suddenly on December 31st of each year, does nearly every single person make “a new year’s resolution” as if at a drop of a hat people change? This is what I do not understand, why do people decide to make this change at this time every single year. Yes, I have also been known to say this (especially last year) but then I realised that it made no difference to my personality, it just made be believe I was doing something for the better!

Therefore I propose a statement that New Year’s Resolutions, are just false hope and individuals lying to themselves day in, day out until around February when it all goes to pot?!

December 29th 2017
Last year, I myself, wanted to make a resolution to “lose weight”- this didn’t work… When I recently asked myself why it didn’t work (whilst eating a share bag of chocolate) I found it was because I didn’t set myself a goal. To “lose weight” is just an idea, I never gave myself a goal, a schedule or even ask friends to do it with me. However, one of my best friends inspired me to start working out more but since then we both went a bit downhill exercise wise, but this was due to lack of planning and time.

Resolutions are a little bit of a waste of time, although, I and many others will still make them, I suggest you give yourself a goal to actually get to your target whether it is to lose weight, save money or even learn to drive by a certain date. To do all of these, unfortunately, it takes a bit of effort that no one ever really wants to put in, but remember the process of meritocracy, you don’t get anything if you don’t work for it. If you apply this to life you can see that if you do not schedule driving lessons, you will not be able to pass your test, if you don’t plan on exercising then why give yourself a goal to lose weight.
january calender
Photo of yellow taxi in calendar taken by Ed Norton

But like I said, I will make some resolutions but focus more on productivity and health rather than my image because in the end, does my image really matter to other people? No, it only matters to me, if you want to do anything, do it for yourself and yourself only (unless another person is your motivation)!

So my resolutions for 2018 are:

  1. Meet up with friends more
  2. Read at least one book a month
  3. Get Saving!
  4. Run 10 kilometres or further


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