My Mini Pamper Routine

Sundays are usually a mini pamper day for me because this is usually the day I have to myself- like today. Since doing my GCSEs, A-Levels and I’m now going to university (I still cannot believe I’m going to uni!!) I have found it difficult to de-stress, especially when it is mock week or actual exams!! I see many of my friends also in this situation, this is why I really wish schools would give de-stressing techniques as much as they give us talk on how we should fly through exams, have a social life (the amount of times I was told to have fun over Christmas but had 3 pieces of coursework due the first day back was very hypocritical in my opinion), and somehow manage 8 hours of sleep a night?? I don’t think I’ve had 8 hours sleep since I was around 10! However, my ranting for education can be saved for another post.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a bath but I do believe you can still fully relax with a shower (plus the power button is like a massage!) but this means I cannot go to lush and buy all the beautiful bath bombs that I always long for- maybe this is a good thing as I cannot spend all my money on bath bombs? But instead I spend all my money on shower products from Soap and Glory (no this not sponsored I just love soap and glory).

Firstly, I put on some music, the genre always varies as I don’t always want to listen to meditation when relaxing but maybe something I can sing my lungs out to: this is also a good de-stresser I have found! My current playlist of choice is either one of my daily mix’s or ‘Feelin’ good’ on Spotify. I also turn on my heater at this point in the autumn as I never want to return to a cold room so this allows my bedroom to heat up whilst I shower (unless it is summer or just too hot then this step is unnecessary)!

Secondly, I cleanse my face with the Simple cleanser and wash off with warm water to get rid of any makeup and dirt on my face from the day.

I then use a facemask, usually one from Superdrug, I use different masks depending on what my skin needs, I leave this on for around 15-20 minutes (unless instructed otherwise). If it is a clay mask it should be completely dry, when it is wash off with warm water and tap dry with a towel and if it is peel-off mask it should turn dry and go clear depending on the product. To remove a peel-off mask start from the bottom of you face and peel up for best results. Be warned not to put a peel-off mask on your eyebrows as it can rip out the hairs.

Then, shower time, I was lucky enough to receive a soap and glory set for Christmas last year so I have been using this and a couple of other products. For my shower gel I use Soap and Glory’s Clean On Me. I find this shower gel very moisturising and it smells amazing as well as leaving your skin smelling amazing. I find some shower gels smell great in the shower but the smell that I love so much doesn’t stay on the skin.

As an exfoliating scrub I use Flake Away from Soap and Glory and gently massage this into the skin in little circles then rinse off. I love the feeling of my skin when I have exfoliated, it removes all the dead skin and it feels so soft and smooth and for someone who has dry skin and eczema this is essential for me.


When I return to my freshly heated room I like to light a candle. My current scented candle of choice is Essence Of Nature Cornucopia in Winter Cabin which I also received for Christmas last year but never got around to using. This candle makes my room feel extremely cosy and has quite a sweet strong smell which I love, so if you prefer fresher scents then maybe this candle isn’t for you, but if you like sweet, rich, cosy scents like me then this is to die for. Unfortunately I do not know the price of this because as I said it was a Christmas present. It is also a shame that I cannot take candles t uni because it is a fire hazard 😦

When my room feels relaxing and cosy, time to sort out the mess that is my hair, I only wash my hair twice a week so I do it at times like this when I have time to sit and dry my hair properly and make sure it is healthy after straightening it everyday. To keep my hair in tip top condition I use the Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser. For this I put a little onto my fingers and run it through my hair, I suggest you use this in very small amounts as it can make your hair look greasy if you use too much at once. Another tip is if you have straighter, dryer hair, but this on before blowing your hair and if you have afro or curly hair then put this on after your hair is dry for best results.

After applying this I use the VO5 heat protectant spray before blow drying my hair, however, sometimes I like to let my hair dry naturally whilst I do other things, eg, write a blog post (totally not what I’m doing right this second), cook dinner or watch a film whilst I journal.

After dealing with my now lovely looking and smelling hair, time to moisturise to keep my skin silky soft. Again I use the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter from the set I got. I generally prefer a body butter over a normal moisturiser because it is thicker and makes my skin personally softer for longer, but this can make me feel slightly heavy so in the summer I opt for a spray moisturiser or something generally lighter.

Then goes on the pjs, at this point I love to write in my journal or do some colouring or even read my book. But sometimes at A-Level I liked to write my essays when I am relaxed that isn’t just due the next day as then I can focus on my work and it isn’t a stressed out shamble that makes no sense resulting in a low grade. This means if I don’t get it finished it doesn’t matter, it means I don’t need to do it that specific night if I don’t want to and can thoroughly enjoy my evening.

I hope you enjoyed this little  what I do on a Sunday evening/for a mini pamper session and let me know what you do to relax.

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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