Why Do I Write?

I get a certain question when people discover my writings and that question should be obvious to you as a reader, that question is always- Why do I write? The answer is a difficult one, the answer will always be a difficult one. The reason for my writings always change, that’s why I find this so hard to answer, another factor being that different styles of writings have different reasons, so here goes: this is why I write…

Quite frankly for the joy of it! I enjoy what I do, I enjoy writing, writing about my day, writing about my life, writing about fictional characters that I so long for their lives, longing for their luck, longing to be them (I get very emotionally invested into what I do). Writing makes me happy, I get lost when I am writing; you know that moment when it is light outside and you feel like you have looked away for just one second but you look back out that same window realising it is twilight, pitch black, night time, that is when you realise you get lost in anything. I believe everyone should have one of those things that get you that lost into what you are doing.

Bereavement, loss is hard to deal with sometimes, so when I find that I cannot handle the fact that someone I loved and still love so dearly is no longer at the end of the phone like they promised they would always be, the ones who hugged you tighter and tighter every time they saw you because they love you, the ones that you miss some more each and every day because you know you will never see them again. Writing to me helps, writing to me has always helped, every since I was very young and first lost someone, that is when I discovered poetry, poetry allowed me to express what I was feeling but in an indirect way to which you would know when analysing. Of course, not being a big poet or even a recognised poet, my poems were never analysed- no one knew what I meant, but I’m okay with that, in a way that also gives me comfort because it was never meant for a public eye anyway, but you never know one day I may publish some of my work.

Stress relief is always great all year around as we all have that one thing that stresses us, for me that was exams, but now that is work, working nearly full-time now is as stressful because you have all these bookings to fill and no time to do it in. I find that when I am stressed writing makes me go into my own little world that is happy, righteous and most of all stress-free A.K.A PERFECTION!! Usually more creative writings take my mind off of stress, so like, little novellas or making an addition to a full scale story, I generally only let myself write a chapter or so when I am stressed as otherwise the work I originally intended to do is never done.

So they are the main three reasons of why I write, there are so many more but these are the biggest factors of why I do what I do!

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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