Unconditional Offers from Universities

Okay so, there is something that has been slightly bugging me over the past couple of months and I just wish to let out what I believe in (which is why I made this blog).

I have nothing wrong with unconditional offers, I received one after doing two scholarship exams for my chosen university and I really do think they are an amazing thing: this is not what bothers me, it is people’s attitudes to the fact that I have an unconditional that bothers me.

To the people that are around me on a daily basis of course know that I received my unconditional offer, of which I was very proud of and happily cried for a good hour or so to family as it meant I was going to make my dream of doing theatre at an amazing university that I felt at home in, was near water and not overly populated… Aberystwyth was perfect for me! I just had to get in!

However, there is a negative, people now think I don’t need to try at my A-Levels, people think that I would have just dropped out of school as my place was secure right??


If anything it pushed me further, I still get the pressure from friends, family, myself and the school to do well, that pressure never changes. Then, people state that I should not be worried about my exams, the fact is, I still care, would you not still worry about something you have worked for and to get to since around year nine? Or would you be the same as me, and still try your absolute hardest in each and every exam that hits you over the course of a month? Well, I would hope you would do the same as myself, but many do not and take the easy option out.

I have been told on many occasions to not cry before I go into an exam, yet, I’m sorry but that is how I cope with stress, by crying, you may get rid of stress by watching a video or listening to music, but do I tell you to stop? No, because you care about your exams- so why can’t I?

I know this may seem like a negative post, but I want to get my views out about the unconditional offer that I have received and it is the fact that other people’s opinions telling me how my offer can and cannot effect me. Personally I think that people should be happy for those who have worked hard and not in a jealous rage because they have to rely solely on their grades.

The reason I took the scholarship exam for the unconditional was because my teachers and my previous school were failing me and I felt like I wasn’t going to get the grades I knew I deserved, A-Levels should not be self-taught, they should be taught by professionals, otherwise everyone would be doing A-levels if they were that easy. Another reason I took the scholarship exam was just to prove to myself that I could actually make it into university, that exam has allowed me to do what I want. I may not of got the bursary offers like many of the others who sat the examination but that’s not what I wanted (although as a student it would have been nice to see some extra cash here and there) – literally all I wanted was that unconditional, and I got it. Why can’t people just be happy about it?

What are your thoughts on unconditional offers or scholarship exams?

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

2 thoughts on “Unconditional Offers from Universities

  1. Hi, i was reading through some of your posts and one of them mentions a few broken bones, I’ve had a few myself! I was wondering what the worst thing is that you have had to go for hospital for though (whether that be broken bones or whatever else)? Wondering if it compares to my broken hip and jaw after a cycling accident!! Silly me!!

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    1. A few years ago I got taken to hospital for being hit by a car whilst walking home from school, what can I say a few plates, pins, scars and quite a while off school thankfully all was okay! But that was a broken leg and wrist some lovely internal bleeding to stop it off!! What a day!


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