Do you have a bridge that needs crossing and it is crumbling to pieces and you don’t have the motivation to build it up to get across?? Well this might be a little bit of help to you. I’m a motivated person, I like motivated people, especially working with these people as I believe I get more done because our work ethic combined is a lot higher than when alone and either of us may not feel as motivated to do the work we planned to.

Throughout my A-Levels I had to stay motivated to do my work, to revise and to stick to my revision timetable- sometimes (like most people) I found this difficult, sometimes I just wanted to go out with my friends or Skype my boyfriend (he definitely makes me procrastinate) but yet somehow I still managed to stay motivated enough to stick to this… But how??

Firstly I wake up early as I believe that either early morning or late night is when I feel most motivated (yes I am writing this post at 5:45am on a Saturday morning before rehearsals). I wake up at around 5am every morning (waking up is apparently meant to make you more proactive as well as productive), as then I can do my work without feeling tired and just ready for pjs and bed, which is usually me by 9:30pm, therefore, for me 5am is a good time for me to get everything done with a busy schedule through each day, whether that is doing photoshoots or meeting up with friends or even going to rehearsals, it doesn’t leave me much time to do my work, so I generally do it before school as I also used to get to school very early in the morning to give me an hour or so for revision.

I schedule everything I have to do by how long they will take to do, when I write out my to-do list for the week, which unfortunately is usually a long list, to make sure I don’t just tick off the one thing I put an estimation of time next to each task and assign it where that time will fit. I will usually bulk smaller tasks in one, such as, uploading my photos while I put the washing on or feeding my pets or if I upload my photos to my laptop in the evening I will take that time to have a shower. Longer tasks that have to be achieved, like my extended project qualification (EPQ), which required to be five thousands words long with edited photos and a presentations and due to my topic I had to include some of my own art, therefore I had to schedule in some drawing and painting time. To make this manageable and not overwhelming I broke down the word count into 100 word the 500 word stages, this was so that when I had written 500 words I could feel a sense of achievement making me want to work even more- using this method I ended up writing my full essay in about two weeks (well not the arty side of it- that took me a couple of months).

I listen to music when I work to keep me motivated, I have a wide variety of music taste which ranges from K-Pop to heavy metal rock to classical music, currently I am listening to ‘Work’ by Rihanna and Drake, one of my best friends made me add it to my playlist and now it is actually keeping me motivated to write this post and then plan an essay before I have to leave the house. However, when I am revising for subjects such as psychology, I find classical or instrumental music is best for me, as I do not get as distracted by singing along at the top of my lungs instead of studying Zimbardo or Miller. Yet essays or things that I can spend longer on (like this post) then I like to listen to all kinds of music that I can bop along to while I eat my breakfast, though as it is early I cannot sing but I can sway in my chair- which is very underrated!!

Lastly, I set myself some short term goals, such as, when I have done that essay plan I need to do, I can treat myself to maybe a biscuit or even a scroll on twitter, yet I do set a timer for my breaks as otherwise a five minute break will turn into a three-hour Netflix binge and my day would feel very unproductive, further making me not wanting to do work so I limit myself.

I hope that this may possibly help anyone who is in need of motivation or needs a way to maintain self-motivation. I know it is August yet you can apply this post to when you start a new school year in September or maybe even a new job at any point.

Best Wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

5 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Hi!! Love the blog, I really want to start blogging myself! Like you I’m just a girl who has a dream to do something with theatre and I was just wondering what your top tips are for auditions and stuff? From this post I see that you talk about rehearsals and photoshoots, I was just wondering what sort of things they are for and involve, and is it easy to get into???


    1. I’m going to do a post about this in full (which will be up tomorrow if you so wish to give it a read ahah) but my main top tip is to never give up! I’ve done acting, singing and dance classes to get into musical theatre work but mainly I had an agent when I was much younger who found auditions for me! But another tip, always practise/learn different monologues or songs so when an audition comes up you don’t panic about learning material for the next day or so!!


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