Top Ten Musicals

I am a huge massive fan of musicals, they are what I live, sleep and breathe. There is just something about musicals that I love- don’t get me wrong I love the theatre and I think I’ve liked every play I have seen so far (and that is quite a few… not getting up into the hundreds at all…)! My favourite place to be is in a theatre along with all the pristine mountains that everyone loves etc, but every theatre is unique- they may look the same to people but with each theatre I have been to I have a different memory, what I saw there, who I was with, if the service was nice, did I like the food before hand, how the journey was, just everything floods back!!

Well here are some of my favourite musicals that I both love listening to (as West End is so expensive and some of these aren’t even in the UK right now) and watching- on stage and on film!! These aren’t in any particular order as I cannot chose a favourite but here’s the shortlist!

CHICAGO- I saw Chicago when it was touring with Sam Bailey and John Partridge at the Orchard Theatre- the visuals are amazing, the dances and lyrics will always be my favourite. My favourite song from Chicago has to be either ‘Cell Block Tango’ or ‘Roxie’, I find the lyrics and the composition of these songs my favourite and as an extra bonus the dances are just a dream.

Any person who loves musicals knows about HAMILTON, unfortunately as I live in the UK I have not had the opportunity to go and see this on stage (unless I suddenly get the money to fly to New York and get tickets) yet, I do constantly listen to it on Spotify and also made my friends listen to the wondrous song from this musical and we are all now Hamiltrash! Now that there is a good 10 of us who listen to Hamilton it is perfect for when we meet up as we all know what we can listen to together without arguments.

HAIRSPRAY is one of my favourites thanks to it being set in the 60s and that it rises the issues of racism and body confidence in a musical- what more could you want?? I have seen this both the stage show and the film (well who hasn’t seen the film?) and is always my go to film when I am on an aeroplane as it stops me from panicking from the flying itself!

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW this is in my top ten just because of the song the time warp, one of the best songs for any occasion, I remember I was in my school library doing my English coursework and the time warp came up on Spotify, well, how can you not at least do a mini version of the dance to the song while you are working… well that’s what I did until my psychology teacher tapped my shoulder and asked “What on Earth are you doing?” my reply was just “The time warp?!” questioning as if he didn’t know what the time warp was. Although this was extremely embarrassing I will always continue to the time warp wherever I am.

ON THE TOWN I saw this when I was in New York on a performing arts trip, before we actually saw the show we did a work shop learning the song and dance to “New York” which I will always remember as it was such a fun dance to do with my friends, but then to see that same dance on Broadway later that night was very exciting for 14 year old me and then to meet all the cast and get their autographs and photos after the show. I love the story of this as well along with the different styles of dance with the contrast of ballet and tap throughout the show.

THE LION KING, well who doesn’t cry at this film but the west end show made me cry even more just by how wonderful it was. The animals are controlled by actors/dancers, yet even though you know they are not real and it is basically puppetry, you just forget the people are there and see the whole production as real animals! Truly amazing!

LES MISERBALES, A very sad musical that has made me cry every time I was either in it, watched it, read it or listened to it.  I feel for the character of Eponine (my favourite character from the musical), as she is motivated by her love for someone who does not love her back- sounds relatable, right? Just maybe not to the extent of this!

THE BOOK OF MORMON- I am going to see this on the 19th of August of this year as a birthday present, which I am very excited for as I have listened to this musical for so long and cannot wait!! However, if you are easily offended, quite young or dislike the use of profanities I would possibly give a few of the songs a miss. Yet, one of my favourite songs that anyone can listen too is ‘I believe’ which is such a great song!

MATILDA- Like THE BOOK OF MORMON I am seeing this for my birthday, thanks to loving the book the film and the soundtrack! Hopefully I will be writing a blog post about my visits to the theatre and the journey around London!!

THE PANTOM OF THE OPERA- A wonderful production that I saw for my 16th birthday! I loved every second, it is such an invigorating experience to see this in the theatre, and I listen to the soundtrack constantly, I made my boyfriend watch the film and he said he enjoyed it, now for that to happen it has to be good, so go and check it out!!

Thank you for reading my top 10 musicals, let me know your favourites below!!

Best Wishes,

The Ophite Life xox


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Musicals

  1. I went to see Phantom of the Opera in 95/96 and it was absolutely outstanding. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Would love a chance to see it again. Sadly not been to see any other musicals but have a list of those I would love to see!! Mainly concerts I attend. I have also been to see Riverdance and Lord of the Dance


  2. I wrote a blog post I think it was last week about possible top ten musicals. I didn’t know an exact top ten list because some I just put in there. Well, Les Mis/Wicked where on the top to be honest. Annie, Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, South Pacific, Newsies and Music Man are favorites of mine. I am defiantly a massive fan of musicals.

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      1. It has been incredible: my musical journey. To start in elementary school and to continue to now at age 23 is crazy. In elementary school, Annie and Sound of Music and Grease among others were in the batch.

        But the love wasn’t sparked until 2006. I saw Wicked on Broadway with my mom. Wicked sparked my love for musicals. That musical was the musical where I began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals in the first place. I have to say this for things to make sense later: all musicals I grew up with were happy.

        December of 2012 comes along and well I see the movie musical of Les Mis and that musical challenged everything I once knew about musicals. It told me that yes tragic musicals exist. I never knew about heartbreak in musicals either. So Les Mis turned my love of musicals into a passion.

        Due to both Les Mis and Wicked, my love for musicals became what they are today. Boy, there is so much to say about my musical journey

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  3. I went to see Phantom of the Opera in 1995 with my music class. It was absolutely amazing. I still get goosebumps now!! Not been to see any other musicals, would love to though, I have a list of the ones I want to see!! I have been to 30+ concerts and also been lucky enough to see Riverdance and Lord of the Dance too x

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