My School Morning Routine ft Skincare

I’ve had a few requests of my morning routine for school and my skin care routine so I am going to put the two together as my skin care routine is in my morning routine so it made more sense to me. Even though I have now finished school my routine is still the same every morning I can just spend more time on each aspect of my morning depending on what I am doing that day.

I’m a nosey person and I like to know what people are up to in their daily lives so here goes….

5:00am: My alarm goes off! Every morning my alarm goes off at 5am unless I’m having a sleepover then my friends usually tell me to turn it off so they can have a lay in. But yes I wake up at 5am everyday otherwise and I enjoy it (if you are more curious to how to wake up earlier let me know and I’ll gather some tips & tricks).

Of course after I wake up I lay there for a few minutes thinking about how much sleep I got (I usually sleep around 3 hours if that thanks to insomnia), when I have done some contemplating, I slowly but surely I go downstairs and grab myself a pot of tea and make myself some breakfast. At the moment my favourite breakfast (and also pudding if I didn’t eat it at breakfast) is some Greek yogurt with some fruit and some oats sprinkled and mixed in. I find this keeps me full for a few hours before I need a little snack to keep me going (especially when I am at school). While I eat breakfast I usually read the news on my laptop or schedule some Instagram posts and if I have lots of time and not feeling like wearing makeup I will edit a bit or even write a blog post (well start) as I am right this second.

Next is my skin care routine which I do everyday at around 6am:

I cleanse my face with simple care face cleanser and dry my face with a muslin cloth.


I then put some Botanics Hydration Burst Day Lotion SPF15 (SPF’s are extremely important to me as I burn very easily due to my pale skin).


I then add a sun cream that’s usually SPF30 or SPF50- I tend to use one that is cheap but doesn’t smell of sun cream as the smell generally repulses me but this changes depending on a) the whether and b) how much I will be outside for the day.


This is then when I add my toner from the simple skin care range as it is cheap and works really well.


When I can be bothered to do my makeup I usually start doing this about 6am or so, just in case it goes wrong and I need to fix it- which takes me ages!! After my makeup I get dressed, I usually decide my outfit the night before, when I’m dressed I put my lunch in my bag, I’m a huge lover of stir fry or pasta for lunch at the moment. Once my lunch is packed its a case of shoes on, coat on and out the door!

I hope you enjoyed my morning routine with a mini skincare routine as well! Let me know what skincare products you use.

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox


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