When I meet with my friends our go to town is Rochester, it has your modern costa to the historic castle and cathedral. I love to do photoshoots with my friends and I always bring them to Rochester for it’s amazing scenery for backgrounds. Here are a few photos from my photoshoots with my best friend, Taylor, as well as the beautiful town-

This first set of photos were taken in the castle grounds earlier this year, it was extremely windy yet we still got some good photos- it makes a change that we can get photos here without too many people around as Rochester is usually packed with festivals such like: Sweeps and Dickens which involve the castle grounds being transformed into a mini fair ground.

A little entrance to the gardens of the castle
This photo was taken by the gate leading down to the marina.
A dead end within the castle itself- this would of been to ward off enemies when the castle was attacked such like in 1215 – I also learnt some history whilst here!

The stairs were a challenge for the pair of us- especially as I’m quite short and some of the steps were a third of my height
The view from the Battlements were amazing

A shot of a window or door from ‘The Great Hall’ (always makes me think of Harry Potter)
A photo of the City’s cathedral
A photo looking up to ‘The Great Hall’ as all the floors had been destroyed
The Castle Gardens where festivals and fairs are held throughout the year!
The flying high flag of the Union Jack
A quirky post box outside the Guildhall Museum- this museum has all the history about Rochester including all about Charles Dickens who lived in Rochester, Kent
An heraldic emblem displayed in the hall

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