My New Years Resolutions:Update

So in January many people worldwide make their resolutions for the upcoming year, many of these fail. In this blog post I am going to reflect on the past six months and whether or not I have stuck to my resolutions or not. This is only a short post this week as I am in the middle of exams but nonetheless I hope you enjoy!

So the resolutions in January that I made were:

  1. To make a revision timetable to help my studies for A-Levels and have more coherent studying.
  2. Organise my wardrobe and donate or sell any unwanted clothes that I do not wear.
  3. And finally, to do more things I like, e.g. writing music, blog posts and seeing my friends as well as reading more books.

To start with, I did make my revision timetable and I (mostly) stuck to it and have been working hard for my A-Levels, this post goes up the day before my last exam so I hope the past six months have paid off.

However, I am yet to organise my wardrobe fully, I had a mini clear out of what I did not want and sent those clothes to charity but there is still a bit to go before I can fit everything back in my single wardrobe, for the time being this isn’t generally a priority but I will get a few friends over to help me not to be too sentimental with my old clothes.

Lastly, I haven’t had too much time to do the things I really want to do, however, as I get closer to finishing exams I will have more time to read, write and compose. Though even with all the studying I have done more of the things I find fun more often than I used to, so technically I am going to say I have somewhat stuck to that.

Overall, I have enjoyed the year so far and look forward to my birthday next week and my summer before university with all my friends!! How have your new years resolutions been going??

Best wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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