My New Home?

So recently I went to Aberystwyth, Wales! It has now become my absolute favourite place, and later this year soon to be my new home! Moving over two-hundred miles away seems difficult when I think about it fully, yet to me this place feels like home as I very much feel myself near water. My house in Kent is no longer “home” I have outgrown my time there with my mother and want to feel as independent as possible… Even if that means moving to Wales! Though Aber feels like home, I already regret leaving my best friends and my boyfriend to do something I have so very much longed for, but should I?

From a lovely walk along the beach


They all say, “do what you need to do for yourself”, “this is totally up to you” and “I support you whatever your choice”! But the more I think about it the more I, both do and do not want to leave.

Walks along the seafront


University has always been a dream for me, however, when I was younger I had the aspirations of doing law at Oxford University; until theatre, music and art came a huge love of mine. Yet, when I hear my best friend crying down the phone, it makes me want to stay- to make sure she is okay, to make sure she stays safe, to make sure she does not replace me. Though I have to think to myself and tell her, it means we can have holidays as well as probably seeing each other more than we do currently: in a beautiful, clam, relaxing environment- with lots of alcohol and food!

Love the texture of these rocks


I can’t wait to think about new colour schemes, new clothes, maybe even a whole new style- a new me but with the same friends and loves as before. I wish those closet to me, not be sad that I’m moving (they are actually probably glad deep down) but to be happy I am finally doing something I have waited a lifetime for. This new chapter in my life is a big, scary, 3 year long one, but I am very much looking forward to it! I’ll keep you updated on my designs for my new room and how university goes! I’d love to know if you are going to university or if you have any room décor ideas!!

Best Wishes,

The Ophite Life xox

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