A-Z of Me

So as I have started this new blog I believe it is only fair that if you are going to read my work you should know a little about me, this is only a little post and I hope you enjoy!! Let me know if we have anything in common…

This is the A-Z of me:

A is for Aberystwyth- This is my chosen university to go to this September!!

B is for Bipolar- I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar in 2015.

C is for Cats- I love pets in general but especially my cat called Daisy who is currently sprawled over me attempting to take over the laptop with her fluffy belly.

D is for Drama- Along with music drama is a huge hobby of mine and is what I wish to purse a career in.

E is for Education- A topic I feel very strongly about an something you will hear from me a lot over the course of writing this blog!

F is for Friends– I love my friends as they always know how to cheer me up on down days.

G is for Ginger- When I was born I had bright ginger curly hair, looking back now I wish I still had it.

H is for Honest- I love honest people as I am an honest person myself.

I is for Instruments- I play many instruments but my speciality and favourite is the recorder.

J is for Jam- I have a hatred for Jam on toast (just because it’s so messy and sticky).

K is for Kent- The county in which I live (well until September) and grew up in.

L is for Liverpool FC- growing up around a house of a football mad family I have been a Liverpool FC fan since I was very young.

M is for Musicals– My pride and joy as well as the topic I would choose if I was on Mastermind, maybe I will do a blog post on my top 10 musicals later on.

N is for Noises- I’m not a fan of loud noises like most people (tho I love concerts) but this dislike is mostly due to my neighbours who constantly build on their house… surely they would have finished by now after five years, right?!

O is for Organised- I love the feeling of being organised and the aesthetic of an organised room (however, I am yet to achieve the pure aesthetic yet but I am working on it).

P is for Penguins- An important one for me, ’tis indeed my favourite animal!!

Q is for Quiet– I like the quiet, especially when reading, but in exams silence seems to be my enemy!

R is for Reading- A wonderful thing that should be encouraged more in everyone! YOU CAN NEVER READ TOO MUCH! It is a way of learning and makes children more imaginative and creative, therefore, are more likely to do well in education as it can boost motivation (thanks to amazing role models in novels). Reading is highly important in my life as I have a two-hour bus journey to get home from school in rush hour and this makes a two hour journey seem like twenty minutes thanks to books.

S is for Sarcastic- I am a sarcastic person whether I like you or not, unfortunately it is something people who meet me need to get used to- although sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, I believe it takes a level of tolerance but yet a tad of intelligence to either be sarcastic or to be around a sarcastic person.

T is for Tea- This one was simple, I drink around fifteen cups of tea a day! Of course I have a cuppa right next to me currently.

U is for Unique- I would like to think I am a unique person, especially with my script writing and music and hopefully my photography.

V is for Verisimilitude- Just in case you are not a walking talking dictionary, this is the quality of appearance of being true, if you asked my friends what I am like they would most likely say true/honest. I am a person who is unable to lie as feels extremely guilty if they do lie and have to tell the truth asap! But I am also a pretty open book, you can tell my mood and it’s also a what you see is what you get kinda thing.

W is for Weight- I’ve always been self-conscious of my weight like many people but I am working on loving my body for what it is but yet getting fitter to feel happier and healthier (more on that soon).

X is for X-Rays- I’ve had a total of 27 X-Rays throughout my life so I’m practically beaming of radiation by now.

Y is for Yesterday- I’m quite a pessimistic person (again working on that) as I highly focus on what I did yesterday/ the past instead of what I should do today to get to where I want in my future.

Z if for Zzzzzz’s (well lack thereof)- I am generally a tired person yet when their head hits the pillow they cannot for the life of them sleep in that moment, I have insomnia meaning I do not sleep well, so when I can sleep I get as much of it as possible!!

I hope you enjoyed this little A-Z of me, I am trying to write a load of blog posts and get them scheduled for the exam period as I have a lack of time now let alone in June when most of my exams are!! So over the next few weeks my posts may just be little tags such like this one or some photography posts as I would love to show off my photography to the world and see what people think.

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9 thoughts on “A-Z of Me

  1. I have to agree with the other comment. At first I was reading it and thought of those Facebook​ copy and paste games. Your writing flowed really nicely. Love the V for Verisimilitude. It was a nice shift. Keep writing your pretty good at it.

    Liked by 1 person

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